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from our Senior Minister, Rev. Alan Taylor

A Religion for Our Time
A six-part sermon series that explores characteristics and functions of a religion that is relevant and genuine in today's world.     

  • Part I: Embracing Change and Creativity
  • Part II: Community and Connection
  • Part III: Building Bridges
  • Part IV: Cultivating Courage and Conscience
  • Part V: Embracing Diversity
  • Part VI: A Vision For Unity Temple

The Most Important Question
What question is at the heart of Unitarian Universalist religious community?

Why Pray? Part I
In this sermon, Rev. Taylor shares why prayer is important to him, especially in communal worship.

Why Pray? Part II
In this sermon, Rev. Taylor explores how prayer sustains people whose lives are committed to changing the world.

Faith and Darwin
Critical inquiry is a core criterion for both science and our religious tradition. This sermon explores the implications of a faith that is informed by science.

Opening to Revelation
An Easter sermon, delivered April 5, 2015.