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We invite all who are interested in learning more about the Unitarian Universalism faith tradition and UTUUC to attend worship services and to participate in our monthly intro class, Introduction to Unitarian Universalism.  For those interested in exploring membership, we invite you to participate in our Pathway to Membership class which is offered several times a year.  In addition, our membership director is available to meet, answer questions, learn more about your interests and help you make connections within our community.  Contact Tina Lewis at or 708-848-6225 x102.

Introduction to Unitarian Universalism
Our intro class is a wonderful way to get to know us better.  Unitarian Universalist theology, principles, and values are addressed by our senior minister, Rev. Alan Taylor.  In addition, a brief history of faith tradition and UTUUC will be covered. Finally, an overview of current congregational programs and steps on how to become a member will be introduced. For more information or to register for this class contact

Pathway to Membership
Our membership class consists of two sessions and a celebration potluck.  The first session provides an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their own spiritual journeys and think about what brought them to UTUUC. The group will be invited to share personal attitudes about religion and spirituality while acknowledging the diversity of prior religious experiences among us. The second session provides an opportunity for participants to learn more about UTUUC. Guest speakers representing Adult Faith Development, Religious Education for Children and Youth, Music, Faith in Action, Development, and Congregational Life programs share information about what we have to offer, how we operate and how to get involved.  Following the first two sessions, participants are invited to formally join the congregation by signing the Membership Book and submitting membership forms at a celebration potluck.

Welcome Sunday
Twice a year, new members are joyfully welcomed by the congregation during a brief ceremony at Sunday morning worship. Later that day, new members and their families are invited to a celebration dinner hosted by the ministers, membership committee, pathway facilitators, and various leaders of the congregation.